The CommunicationTeam

- targeted text, photos and layout

For each brochure, JS España provides a Project Leader who is responsible for a professional CommunicationTeam. The Project Leader is your contact person. The team represents the expert knowledge, skills and experience required to customize your brochure specifically to the recipients. The team does all the work in the design process.

Team_Overview_EngProject Leader - decision maker,
responsible for deadlines, and your  only contact person

Copywriter - writes all the text for the
brochure in accordance with the readers' profiles

Photographer - takes the photos at the
photo shoot or acquires them from our international stock archive

Art Director - ensures that all layout
elements of the brochure  are targeted at
the recipients

We Can Deliver in 10 weeks

- the task is ours

JS España can take the brochure from idea to delivery in only 10 weeks - with a minimum of time and effort from our customers.