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Transforming Passion into Excellence

Our ability to deliver excellent results and create a stable and loyal company is fueled by and dependent on our talent for embedding our values in our corporate culture and the way that we do business. Our values speak for themselves: they characterize JS, because they reflect our corporate culture. Our values are consistently lived throughout the organization.

Values - Customers

We give our customers added value and help them realize their full potential. We learn everything we can about the customer in order to understand their needs, and we offer them first-class multimedia solutions - targeted communication in high-quality MultiMedia Brochures. When our customers' recipients understand and act on their message, our customers get success.

Values - People

We value, challenge and reward our people with focus on competences and commitment. We treat each other with respect and dignity, and we expect everyone to take personal responsibility and perform to the highest possible standards. We value stability and loyalty and live by the simple JS notions "what we say is what we do" and "first things first". Our highly perfected concept and value chain are built on positive, proactive and disciplined people and their competences. Consequently, we rely on each other to create our own results and stability and to build our success as a company and as people.

Values - Leadership

The highest motivational factor of leaders at JS is to make sure that our colleagues get success. Leaders at JS lead by example: in the way they lead the teams according to level of competence, commitment, personality and preferences; in the way they work hard and create results; and in the way they take personal responsibility for the teams' and their own positive development. Only by valuing, training, challenging and rewarding the colleagues will we keep our "Winning Spirit".

Values - Financials

We are a performance-driven company committed to scaling up our successes and growing our business, and we drive excellent and sustainable financial performance. We are pursuing our strategic priorities in order to achieve our financial targets and make JS even more successful. Excellent and sustainable financial performance allows us to act more flexibly in the future. It enables healthy growth in the long run and will benefit our customers, the company and our colleagues. Our financial values influence our decisions on investments, people, strategies, our teamwork and many other aspects of our daily operation.